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Propecia 1mg tablets price : $8.00 per tablet: $0.07 per capsule: $0.07 per tablet: $0.07 capsule: (I had to make the numbers work because this is a pretty huge range.) I'm guessing that's the amount you're getting for a single pill. I'm also guessing that's how many you're getting for each capsule. I'm assuming that's how much you're getting for each 100 mg dose. Assuming that this is a single tablet and capsule. Assuming you need a 100 mg dose, the first of this product cost $0.25. If you take it as a single pill, costs $0.07 per and the first 100 mg costs $0.07. That's not a big difference. If you use 100 capsules, it only costs 20 cents per pill, and you get about 2x as much. The total cost of taking 1 100-mg dose this product (50 capsules in total, divided by the price of a tablet) is $0.24 (the $0.07 per pill cost, plus the $0.25 cost of capsules, divided by the capsule cost). So... this does NOT give you any real savings when used as a single pill (unless you already have an extremely good tolerance). This is an expensive product with a lot of ingredients. I'm assuming you're going to have more trouble getting grips with some of them than others. One last thing: you cannot buy a single tablet of this product, but you can buy a 1000 mg tablet which is actually an even more expensive product. The price of both these products will vary depending on the brand, quantity, and brand packaging. The manufacturer's price propecia uk label is in Chinese, and I'm not sure whether it's printed as "1000 mg" or "100mg". A few days ago, I did a Propecia 120 Pills 1mg $80 - $0.67 Per pill quick search to see whether the website of Chinese pharmaceutical companies I buy my drugs from (we have our own website) had any listings of this. But, unfortunately no. There is a list of products available by prescription only: And, a list of products available by prescription only: It's worth noting that these lists are different: The list of prescription drugs is a more generic list, and it doesn't list products with generic names (like this), which I assume are more expensive. On the other hand, list of drugs available "at retail" and pharmacies" is more "branded" expensive. It is possible that we will see these products more widely in the future, but for now, best we can do is to buy products that are available generically. If you want to read the whole listing by prescription only, here's the Chinese listing: A Note About Shipping Costs: Shipping costs vary depending on the country you're shipping to. Generally speaking, the costs are roughly $3.50/package for shipping within the US, ~$0.75/package for shipping outside the US, and ~$3.00/package for international shipping. The "international shipping" cost is same for all countries, regardless of the country it's for. So if you're ordering from Korea, the "international shipping" cost will be the same as for a non-Korean. Again, this list doesn't go into the specifics behind why these costs vary, and I have no idea how much these shipping costs really are. If you're looking to order this drug from Korea or Australia, you'll have to figure those out yourself. I will be shipping these to the US and UK first, so I expect the international shipping costs to be higher (around $0.80/package). However, if these were just generic brands of this drug (in other words, I didn't do anything special to them), there's no reason they would cost more overseas than US.

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